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my introduction.
mature male B. klassi desperately needs a female!
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Need Help identifying
Blaptica ubia roaches
MM Pterinochilus murinus
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Roach egg cases or nyphs
Wanted a Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens green bottle blue
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San Francisco Bay Area Tarantula Society
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my introduction.
my name is jared. im 17 and have been keeping tarantulas for about a year and half. at the moment my collection consists of 5 t.s. : brachypelma albicepts, brachypelma boehmei, lasiodora klugi, avic versi, and p. regalis. i consider myself pretty knowledgeable, but definitely have much to learn, im in hopes that this forum will help that along.
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Acanthoscurria geniculata - Gi ...
mature male B. klassi desperately needs a female!
I suspect the only folks who will read this message are probably not even actively involved in the hobby anymore, but:  I have a gorgeous, recently-matured (August 2013) male Brachypelma klassi, healthy and active, and he MUST be bred before he expires.  Seems very few people have adult females available, but if you do, please contact me (via email:

I'm willing to loan him, or maybe even give him in trade, to a responsible breeder.  Serious inquiries only. ...
Need Help identifying
I live in Auburn California and found this little scorpion in the kitchen this morning. I was very surprised since I have lived in Northern California all my life and this is the first scorpion I have ever found. I need some help trying to identify it. The  scorpion is maybe an inch long, very small. Kids want to keep it as a pet. Can it be kept as a pet ?

[url=][img:dd8ff1557b] ...
Blaptica ubia roaches
Looking to buy some dubia roaches to boost my colony or maybe someone wants to sell their colony.
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