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pampho molt!
random recent stuff
My sweethearts...
boring morning... pics!
World Wildlife Fund book on new Amazon species
feeding today and took some pics!
the one that started it all
S. pumpkinus says...
Euathlus truculentus after molt
New pictures
New additions from the last month or two
fantastic C. darlingi molt, and A. yupanquii
crappy random pics
radical Aphonopelma molt transformation
thirst quenched, new arrivals
B. emelia becomes a man
New prints
nifty recent molts
A. versicolor poses for Bonobo
mystery Aphonopelma molts
updated T collection
New designs
Pokie Pictures
who got stuff at the meeting?
molt progression
big day at Tarantuland... new roommates
B. albopilosum male
time lapse B. vagans molt
Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue"
my new friend wears chaps
new pics...lots of pics...
Lampropelma violaceopes post-molt
Avicularia versicolor post-molt
christmas Ts!
Holiday Crunch
tarantula say squeeze 'em
busy night in Tarantuland
the Aphonopelma ballerina
morning molt frenzy
P platyomma molt
Everyone's gotta eat...
Roach 1, tarantula 0
Adversary's Tarantulas
theraphosa molt!
B. smithi beauty
finally got a Poecilotheria
shinny cobalt!
B. boehmei molt colors
T art
Feeding time is picture time
Psalmopoeus irminia after molt
some random photos from today
Euathlus sp. "red"
Citharischius crawshayi
P. metallica molted =)
More craziness from the studio!
new Ephebopus cyanognathus "blue fang"
My collection
fresh Curly Hair
Boehmi slaking thirst
Regal Jumping Spider (Phidippus regius)
Avicularia versicolor
Lampropelma violaceops
More Art=D
the smithi that survived
Color or No Color?
B. vagans' new clothes
got a few more=)
MF P. cambridgei
Sericopelma rubronitens
new suit!
My Cobalt.
My Collection
MM Lasi. Parahy.
P. platyomma from Peter
My Skele
A. sp "New River"
Tarantula Photos on Feeding Day
Random Pics of my critters
P. cancerides Molting Shots UPDATED
Platyomma Male
More Art
Tarantula Art
new suit!
The Most Cuddly T's Ever!
when i got up this morning
i got some new stuff at the show yesterday=)
MM P. irminia!
greenbottle blue's first roach
my b-day presents
new B. albopilosum and G. pulchripes
Glam shots
my greenbottle in a big strrrrrrettttcccchhhh
A lesson in respect---
Some feeding pics
Hi res T pics needed!
Cyriocosmus perezmilesi in new home
Juvie male T. blondi molted
New Pics of my T's
Already MM G. rosea...molted!!!
Your T's in Threat-Pose
Computer microscope test
My 3 singaporeans
Brachypelma baumgarteni before and after molt
Finally...Sombra went shopping...
P. platyomma and Ephebopus cyanognathus
LP molted
B. vagans before and after molt
G. rosea (cala??)
B. vagans sling after molt
B. emelia's new coat
Aphonopelma bicoloratum
P ornata and P rufilata teaser
Rehoming Video: P. pederseni
spider photostream on Flickr
Big Lasiodora klugi molted!
Mystery grub in blondi enclosure
my greenbottle relaxing after a hard day eating big bugs
The kids :)
New Addition to the Family
A. seemanni FINALLY changed clothes!
My new Batallica lividum
Psalmopoeus reduncus
Poecilotheria rufilata
Female Megaphobema mesomelas molts!
A couple of my favorites
new pics...
Lasiodora parahybana
New Little Loves!
Heterothele gabonensis
Post Submissions for Consideration in the Gallery HERE
Look at my pretty spider..heehee
New pics!
Adult male plattyomma
Ephebopus murinus
haplopelma hainanum
Haplopelma minax
Some more pics!
Coremiocnemis sp. "blue"
So I walked into the room....
It's never good to be a cricket...
A. geniculata juvie
LPS find
I love cobalt blues..
i saw my singapore blue!
new suits on a couple brachys
Avicularia sling
Another new suit
new critters
Curly & Thai Black
New arrivals
Cobalt blue
new suit
hungry girl
rosie molted!
OBT in a really bad mood.
Baby Birdeater prize from Jan. meeting.
Some of my T's came out to say Hi! So I took some pics.
Some New T's
more new suits and a new addition :Dance:
New Tarantula
L difficilis has a new suit!
Phormictopus cancerides Close-ups
Nhandu chromatus...
i knew it!
Xenesthis immanis molting!
New Megaphobema mesomelas slings
2009 Mommy Tarantulas
took a couple pics
newish of pics...
Grammostola rosea RCF
Michael Kern Photography
Newest T
P. Irminia
WebFest Raffle Prize Pics.....
New Pics
IS THIS LOVE............
Our Brachypelma smithis'
got some more...
Guess what came in the mail today!
Young T blondi molt
thought i'd engage in some photography
2 fresh-ish molts...
H. maculata
Some of my friends
P. regalis
So Lony....
The Tarantula Test
Phormictopus cancerides
My big l. parahybana
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