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dont know what he is saying but cool stuff
My Silver Spiders - Calisoga longitarsus
psychotic red rose hair video
Red Crab Spider: Scuba Diver of the Nepenthes
Video How to: Pack a centipede for shipping
California the Beautiful and Strange, part 1
Uloboridae, The hackled orbweaver family
Introducing Ken the Bug Guy!
tegu/chihuahua interaction
America's most 'miserable' cities
'Spider' a short film
youtube entertainment
SFBATS on ABC 7 News Halloween 08
busy night in Tarantuland
Cockroach Rock band!!!!
y'all have probably already seen this...
Cal. Academy of Sciences: Aquatic Life
HERP WORLD EXPO--Pasadena, Ca 2009
SFBATS/CRIS Members visit the Serpentarium
horned freak does the happy dance
My snake room
youtube: California (tarantula) Dreaming
Favorite Insect Related Movies
finally! someone makes a GOOD tarantula video...
virtual Spider play
i love this show
skippy works!
tegu eats!
Brachypelma vagans Molting (((VIDEO))----Awesome!
Cal Poly Insect Fair (((VIDEO)))
Jumping spider mating dance video
Mexican Mole Lizard
just for rachel...
Al Wolf handling a rattlesnake
If you cant decide between a mouse and a bird...
Sonoma County Reptile Rescue
Post-Molt Movements
Sacramento Reptile Show 2009 VIDEO
Edgar does impressions!
Three Tarantulas Eat (SFBATS promo)
The Woodspider
Dancing Tailless Whipscorpion (SFBATS promo)
'Proof Women Are Born This Way'
Thirsty Cat
Black Widow Bites, Two For One Sale!
couple marine mammal vids i took at work
I didnt know...
freaky tarantula
mating attempts
How do you get a snake out of a car?
Sierra Herping/Bugging VIDEO
one more vid of the tegu
just for john
The 'pet hole' attacks!!!
moon jelly
Skippy, the pick-up artist!
Prehistoric Creatures Found in NC Sewers
540,000 miles on the same car. Do watch this!!
my dog gets excited
some marine mammals
SFBATS Members in Action
An important message
Ricky's Favorite Video is Back!
Lilith Feeds, Again!
Herp World Expo, Daly City, 2009
Scary Feeding of Norma
Epic Feeding of Lilith
Ken's Table @ LA Bug Fair
Life in the undergrowth
Courage fail
Fantastic Educational Video
American Cockroach
Giant Hognose
4 Story Python
my old boss sent me this
Three Valentines
Early Season: 'Herping Before Sunset'
It's almost that time of year, again.
Nom nom nom munch nom nom nom munch munch LOL
Centipedes and Vivaldi
does this work?
If you ever have a cut, don't ignore it
Carpet Python eats a mouse
some one sent this to me
My New Music Video "Spiders"
Tarantula vs. Snake
Mantis vs.
biggest and freakiest damn inverts i ever saw!
Fred MacDonell's( Sntcruzan) Collection Video
Real men of Genius!!
Creepy Crawlies! VIDEO
SCABIES Nov 08 BBBQ Slideshow
SFBATS Features Rachel Edler "Arachnocat"
SFBATS Features John Troupe aka 'Uglykid2'
Tina Graham's video (regalis 13)
Scientists combine Parkakeet and Edgar DNA
A Very Special message... (((VIDEO)))
A. seemani mating
A Demonstration of My Advanced Telekinetic Abilities
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