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Breeding Loans
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MM Pterinochilus murinus
FL/FS: MM A. genic
MM H. maculata
WANTED: MM G. pulchripes for 50/50
A few Mature Males
MM Avicularia metallica
MM P. pulcher
MM Singapore Blue FL
MM incei
MM blue fang
MM ephebopus sp peru
MM Avicularia amazonica
MM. p. miranda
Avic Diversipes.
WTB/FL a ton of MMs...
MM L. parahybana
MMs for loan!
rare MM S. philippinus available
Psalmopoeus irminia
WANTED: MM Phormictopus cancerides for 50/50
MM P.irminia
MM L dificilis
MM A. Hentzi
ISO MM H. albostriatum and confirmed male P. lugardi
MM P. pederseni
ISO MM H. lividum and MM B. smithi
MM rose hair
MM P.I. Suntiger
MM C elegans
FL/FS c.elegans, p.reduncus
Still looking!!
I need a MM P. lugardi
A. Avic
MM Coremiocnemis sp. "Malaysian Blue Femur"
MM P irminia
anyone need a MM LP?
Needed: MM E. Murinus - Skele leg
MM Brachypelma albopilosom
MM Brachypelma klassi
FL MM a.moderatum and others
MM A versicolor
MM B albopilosum!
MM P irminia 50/50 loan
MM: G. rosea gray form (now reddish) available
MM P. pederseni
MM P cambridgei
MM A. Avic is ready
FL and looking for many...
MM P.METALLICA...interests?
FT/FL: MM Calisoga longitarsus
MM g.pulchra for loan...interests?
A. avicularia male raring to go
FL: MM S. calceatum
ISO many...
MM N. chromatus
Couple MM's
ISO MM obt
MM H. maculata looking for some hot and heavy action
ISO. MM E. campestratus
ISO MM A. Hentzi
ISO:lots of males
Loan - N. chormatus
ISO: MM A. Versicolor
MM California Ebony Tarantula
MM A purpurea - for local breeding only
ISO: MM H. minax and lividum
ISO: older juvie male B.emilia
ISO: MM B.smithi
MM P fasciata
Rose Hair Mate
Need GBB mature male
ISO MMs....
ISO MM H. maculata
MM B.Smithi
ISO MM Males
LF MM Lasiodora Parahybana, G. Rosea, and A Seemani
MM P. Cambridgei
ISO MM B.klaasi
MM c.elegans 50/50
g. rosea MM for 50/50
A.seemanni MM breading loan
Avicularia Avicularia
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