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Yummy bug eats
i think i might need to move sometime soon
Herp World Expo
Custom Hoodie
Farside Comic
SFBATS Members @ Work!
Tarantula pictures
soooooooooooo... snow?
This will be great
Happy Thanksgiving, What are you thankful for?
gentleman pulchra
Hello, Anybody home????
a polite rain
HUV All Terrain
Chappelle the Anole
VIDEO: GBU Enterprises: Reptile & Invert Shop
Stuff From Work
The Human Centipede
animal friendly roommates - where do you find them?
fake yo-yo, ma!
If only Ugly was a Bug
One for Skippy Josh
Monkey Stories
couple pics from work yesterday and today
More Fun With Glue Gun
Just Dance
Billionaire for Five Hours
got a problem....
The Might of The Meek
My Tiny Mayan Prince
Time to get serious...
This is so AWESOME!
ohhhhh !
insect silver jewelry!
Why spend 1000's of dollars at Bay Alarm?
Follow the Serpent's Tongue...
Clothes or More Spiders ?
Absolutely Amazing..... :o
Not-Dave's other not-life event Friday
The Jukebox
Earthquakes AND storms are coming
Earthquakes are coming
Just the 411
random observation involving inverts and verts...
6.5 Earthquake on the North Coast.
Spank the Monkey!
The Facebook Rip-off Thread
Tarantula Dreams
What is in a name? (Etymology ~game)
from Leaves of Grass
Are You A #1 Google Hit?
The Other Woman
Thanksgiving Treat
Other Darn Pets!
Leonid Meteor Shower tonite
What happened to animal tax?
Ok, who wants a pony?
Disclaimer Suggestions
fishing/crabbing today
Patron Saint of Beekeepers
Mealworm Partytime
World Record Attempt involving spiders
My grandma attacks my dog....with Wii
Japanese fishing trawler sunk by giant jellyfish
Best Scary movie of all time..........
How I keep the bills paid.
What would you eat if you were a vegetarian spider?
Vegetarian Spider!
these are the sp of rockfish we catch here
some pics for ricky to drool over
some puppy pics
Miss you guys!
The Calling
theres a tarantula on Jay leno right now
Famous Failures..
Peter, Paul and Dave
Little known facts...
Im going on a boat ride...
Hi, guys!
Choose Edgar's Halloween Costume!
Your Bucket Lists...
How should Josh spend his birthday?
The Creeps
USPS delivery
Rejected SFBATS Member Application #221
Mona Lisa smiles on after Russian teacup attack
If you were a vegetable...
The Snuggie has mutated... be afraid... be very afraid
Woman sues over "spider shock"
PRK Eye Corrective Surgery
Tough Week
My pergola
Happy 4th of July
An amusing observation on fish people
Big Moments in FAIL! (post vids or stories of failure)
Sims 3
Wrote Funny Spider Parody of Pink Song (Please Don't Leave M
Favorite Things Thread
The Pie Thread
See-Through Frogs, Alien Salamanders, and Spiny Bugs...Oh My
Happy Birthday to someone special....
Rock Music Used as Weapon Against Mormon Crickets
Giant spiders invade Australian Outback Town
He's Come So Far!
Alive and well!
What do doves eat?
Hot springs
Grasshopper dead
Edgar's Motivational Posters
This is the best thing ever....
my gf sent me this story online
Buying crickets....
Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities
Talented kid
Casey’s and Ortegean Gun Show
"...they shall increase in knowledge."
Cool bracelets
i'm very proud!
Tough Decisions: The Island
Officers Kill a *harmless* tarantula
Random Fact
Which color is the most awesome?
Living Dinosaur at LA Museum
SFBATS TV News Commentary
wasn't sure where to put this
Killdeer babies
Next time you go in for surgery....
Friday Night Fun?
Gosh, I'm popular...
who added this?
fishing today
not an invert or a herp...
New bill banning animal display and sales - PLEASE READ
Letter Re Nonnative sp. act
My New Strat.
Moral of the story
Lest we forget...
What Edgar Will Wear To The Next Meeting!
Comcast Subscribers...
How NOT to kill a spider
Edgar your Avatar
Happy Earth Day!
Scorpion venom helps kill brain tumor
the so cal club isn't bringing babies...
People Getting Punched! lol
One of the best things I ever read.
while we are on the topic of news
Boy, Sesame Street sure has changed....
Florida, yes it's a scary place
Go Sharks!
Man urinates on woman during flight
man bites python?
"I felt a cold chill pass through me.."
"The truth is out there, Scully"
Under the Sea
Do Re Mi
Shuttle landing from the cockpit
Commitment People!
HR666 The bill to ban our pets
why the life of a bug is never safe..
Sophie Tucker,
Brewing beer
Feeding teenagers
Ken's Trinkets
Today's adventures
Chris Bliss Three Ball Routine
Saturday errands
Spiders from India
What llamamama does in her spare time for fun!
Cute lil horsies
Handling Ts
Biggest Hair contest
Motivational Posters
Ok people...
what to do about ants
Shamwow song
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