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*** Ken The Bug Guy *** - Full List
mature male B. klassi desperately needs a female!
*** Ken The Bug Guy **** - Full List
NEW IMPORT - Rares, Females, New Species!
Tarantulas for sale!
F/s. Female A.genic. G.Pulchra. Red tail boa
Selling most of my collection
MF Eupalaestrus campestratus for sale (no shipping)
Summer Sale
1.2 Florida Indigo Snakes
3x2 cage $75
unsexed Gargoyle gecko
WTB: blue day gecko
Stuff I can bring to the meeting
Ts, reptiles, and art
Adult Female Brachypelma auratum
*** Ken The bug Guy *** Full List - with reptiles now too!
gorgeous P. subfusca/highland + more for sale
Hypo yellow bearded dragon
FS/FT Monocentropus balfouri
Ts and tings
Advanced bug collecting and pinning kit
WTB 5-6 Adult Madagascar Hissers
ISO young males and MM
MM P. Cambridgei
Looking for Xenagama Taylori
mature male Avicularia diversipes, sale/trade
Stuff for Sale at Upcoming Meeting
A Few T"s For Sale (Update) Balfori,Rufilata,Irminia
critters for sale
some spiders
4mm p regalis
tarantulas for sale, updated
Acrylic boxes for sale
4"M P Regalis
WTB Damon diedama and Uroctonus mordax
FS/T: tarantulas (will now ship), a few herps
Avicularia Diversipes
Adult females and some slings
F/S. F/T Baby vinegaroons
P. Regalis Female
Rose hair $10 (grammostola)
MM B boehmei
FS: Blaptica Dubia Colony 300+ FREE
odds and ends
T in Turlock
random stuff
Wanted Used Acrylic T Cage
FT 3.5" female m.balfouri
Need to sell
For Sale or Trade: Adult Female Brachyplema smithi 5"
FS/Trade G. pulchra 4" Male
FS African Giant Millis and B verdezi slings
1.1 Cyclosternum fasciatum (adults, both fresh molts)
FS x.immanis
Misc Ts and things FS
WTB frozen dead things.
FS Mature Males
4.5" female G. pulchripes
Advance Notice ..Sell of collection..Almost 85-90% of them.
WTB a few t's
FS: Poecilotheria rufilata (male)
P. Regalis
MM P. Miranda
Ephebopus Murinus
FS/T: arachnids for various (local)
Pamphobeteus sp. platyomma slings and more
High End Tarantulas!
Male 2010 Irian Jaya Jag carpet python
FS: Feeder Roaches from Aaron Pauling! LATERALIS ON SALE NOW
FS M Balfouri CB slings
FS/FT...Exo-Terra 18x24 terrarium
B. Smithi
Collection Up, Prices Down!
My Collection
FS MM Lampropelma violaceopes
3.5" Female Brachypelma Baumgarteni
F/T: Eupalaestrus campestratus babies
B. Baumgarteni Thanksgiving Special!
3.5" Female Brachypelma Baumgarteni, DISCOUNTED!
WTB calisoga spiders
For Sale: GBB
3.5" Female Brachypelma Baumgarteni
Dubia for sale or trade
WTB female singapore blue
Slings and things FS
animals FS
Sntcruzan's New List- Individually priced
M balfouri slings for sale and other misc
FS/FT:***Large Lot over $1300 for $865 delivered***
6 Year old Bearded Dragon - $40 (russian hill)
Brazilian Salmon Pink Tarantula (san jose west)
Reptile Tank & stand - $25 (santa clara)
Star Tortoise For Adoption (san jose north)
Bearded Dragon and Aquarium w/ everything - $150 (los gatos)
F:S Sadly.. (Major Price Reductions..)
FS/FT...Exo-Terra 18x24 terrarium
FOR SALE 4" Female Aphonopelma Sp."Malinche"
FS: *GIANT* Emperor Scorpion babies
Brachy Albopilosum - Curly hairs
F/S or Trade
new silver work, scorpion heart and more
FS/FT: P. chordatus DCF slings
FS or Trade.....M.balfouri 1.25"+
G rosea for sale
trade my X. immanis baby for... ?
checking interests...frozen ASF rats...
mature female cobalt blue w/enclosure
Dubias for Sale
Hissers and lateralis cockroaches
downsizing a bit!
Juvenile White's Tree Frog (Dumpy)
Selling 75 % of my collection
geckos, irminia, OBTs
FS CB B verdezi,B albiceps,A versicolor and others
A versicolor,B verdezi, B albiceps,Vinegarons,T blondi femal
Stuff for sale
FS: Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (GBB) slings
Kenyan Sand Boa for sale
Black Widow's for trade, (Can accept insect store vouchers)
Entire collection.
for sale MM A.Geniculata
WTB MM P Platyomma
WTT... NEED DUBIA, ants killed all of mine
Entire collection for sale! Must Sell! Local Pickup only.
baby savannah monitor
c.elegans slings
LTT King Baboon sub or adult females
FS: Acanthoscurria chacoana and Pterinochilus murinus
FS: Maraca cabocla 3rd Instar Spiderlings. Super Rare!!!
FS: HUGE List - Avics, brachys, pokes, Lots of Rares!
show sale
For Sale at Summer meeting...
Malaysian water scorpions...Nepa cinerea members special
FS CB B verdezi and P irmina slings
Animalia jewelry, New Pieces
Invert & Reptile jewelry
Found this on CL
FS New Invert Import
the whole thing is up for grabs
FS/ Adult Ts,Juveniles, slings and others
FS/T: Aphonopelma seemani "blue" , Iridopelma, Gra
MM Rosehair RCF and others! FS or Loan
Acrylic T cage
Some good jokes
WTB Unwanted collections
Kaydyn's Animal House May 2010 pricelist
FS: Female G. pulchra (Brazilian black) Bay Area
MM B. albopilosum for breed or sale
FS leopard geckos
FOR SALE *RARE* Aphonopelma Sp."Hillsboro" New M
Poeci Fasciata - SOLD
The Place Where Dreams Come True
FS: Downsizing my collection
FS: Euathlus truculentus and red G. rosea
FS: awesome Euathlus vulpinus
FS male p.metallica 3-4"
Pandinus cavimanus jewelry, NEW PIECES, NEW PRICES!
Frozen Pinkie Mice! (((YUMMY YUMMY in your Snake's TUMMY!))
Invert/reptile art
Scorpion jewelry, a preview of my line ;)
FOR SALE........1.1.0 Pamphobeteus Sp. Plattyoma Pair
10 gallon tank, almost new
Need money for Arizona Trip last minute sale
FS: Arthropod Diversity
FS a few MMs
>>>For Sale: 4-way divided tank...Priced to sell fa
WTB!! NEED female c.fimbriatus
H.incei slings for sale...NEW PRICE
FS Acanthops sp "South American Dead Leaf MAntis"
Big Females
FS: NEW STOCK - H Gigas, African Giants, Isopods, Moderatum
FS/T verts and inverts
Spider for Sale
Virgin Cork Returns !
Poecilotheria Fasciata
bugs for sale
Alot of stuff for sale
FS List
Frozen Spiders
G. rosea RCF slings
Female P. formosa, and fasciata 5"+ Plus more!!
5 Scorps for sale with tanks!
P.metallica and M.mesamelas--- SOLD
2 MM Brachypelma albopilosum
FS: butterflies...
FS: NEW in stock - Cobalt Blues, Chaco Golden Knees, Blondi,
FS Chinese Red Head Centipede and Chinese golden scorpion
NEW IMPORT - Scorpion Lovers Look at these pictures! - Also
FS/ Adult Ts,Juveniles, slings etc updated list new stuff
Tarantula Hammock
found this on craigslist
FS: Milksnake
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