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Enclosures and Setups
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New into the hobby and got some enclosure ?'s
man cave!
$100 Enclosure
FS: High quality acrylic tarantula enclosures
Magnets & Cork
Custom made tanks
Got bored today
My New "ROBC" style Pokie enclosures
Not Daves New Enclosure
Her New Digs!
Heat Pad Application
My new spider room! ( still under construction )
squirrel's backgrounds
versi color slings set up
New Enclosure
Enclosure backgrounds...
New home for new little Love!
quick shill for a cool jar
Southland Reptile cages - bulk order
Bolt's New Home
World Market Arboreal Containers
New home for H. lividum
T blondi
Potential T cages
6x split tank
Another cheap enclosure
so I made my....
Acrylic enclosure
Gotta love thrift stores.
While shopping for socks
new acquisition
Spider rooms
terrium pics
Tarantula habitat
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