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Sex your Tarantula
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P. Miranda drumming
Immature G. pulchra
Will I need blue booties or pink booties?
Small B. smithi
B. smithi M or F?
Sex me up baby!! DUW
Take a guess
Who wants to play guess the sex?
Fun with light!
Senor or Senorita?
new addition...
sexing a Poecilotheria?
theraphosa sp
give me some opinions, please!
major sexing challenge
B. emelia male?
New Girl IS a girl, right?
B. boehmei is a lady?
I'm thinking girl....
P. irminia...
Male or Female?
Brachypelma boehmi?
b. albopilosum molt...
G. pulchripes..?
calling Marlene, sexpert! (and everyone else)
Ephebopus cyanognathus...
my BATS freebie G. rosea
my BATS freebie vagans...
yet more beloved ventral sexing
More beloved Ventral sexing?
Aphonopelma sp. "Diablo"
G pulchripes
B. vagans almost-juvenile
P. canmbridgei and L. klugii
T. blondi
more sex needed
N. coloratovillosus
P. irminia
Sex my G.Rosea
I also want to be sexed
I want to be sexed
P rufilata
Pokie sexing lesson wanted
P. regalis
Sex my b.smithi
5-6" H. gigas
Sex my P. cancerides
Monocentropus balfouri
Female H. maculata
"Alien" Face cambridgei
Sex my spider, please. What do you think?
Xenesthis immanis
Goliath birdeater
P. regalis Quiz
Sex my formosa please
P. cambridgei... yay!!!
Sex my juvie ornata?
A. versicolor
What do you say?
P platyomma molt
any ideas?
care to try?
Juvi P. Cam
Alright, see if you can sex my tarantula...
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