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gorgeous new species discovered in South America
eww... anyone heard of this fungus before??
I need a place to keep my collection
Facing my fear
Should I tear down part of my A. avicularia's web?
water crystals
Just got an H. Lividum
Some sort of eggs?
Bugs in the bay area
SF zoo exhibit
Kudos to GBU
molt question
L. parybhana handling
looking for a shipping partner
ANY info on the Species of Ami Genus???
Question about A. Avicularia cohabiting
first tarantula
Christmas came early...
You're going to add water in my bowl? I don't think so!
Moving Pokies
T blondi is in da house!
Clan Addition
big importer bust
feeding tiny babies
termite fumigation vs. tarantulas
mature S. philippinus?
So excited!! New babies!!
first molt
WTH?!?? My G. rosea male is a MUTANT!!
Brazilian White Knees
Hisser question
Does Anyone Like To Forcept Feed ?
newby questions.
tarantula superstar 1974
Flourescent Sex
feeder ladybugs?
handling a P. regalis
POLL: Hybrid tarantulas?
What spider would you recommend for a newb?
ARRGHHH!!! Roach escapee!!
Lost 2 this week. :(
Guess who just purchased a H. incei 5 lot =)
wow, them's cheap tweezers
Oddish molting behavior
fresh pulchra party
Sexing Pulchra
Vinny Has Died
MM B. emelia needs hook-up
live MOLT-CAM!
Bi-polar Elegans
B. emelia male to look for dates
Pulchra !
Baby crickets hatched in P. regalis enclosure!
Still Waiting For Vinny To Appear
Kittys Crumble CoCo
little acrylic box
Elegans Next Molt . . Breathless Anticipation
more B. auratum molt problems
Avicularia Clarification
how big wolf spiders grow?
how soon after molt can a female be mated?
newly identified genus: Agnostopelma
Note to self: ALWAYS fully expand substrate before use!
Balls !
wonder with me? uvb intrigue
Haplopemla and Irminia molts =D
preserving dead things
Inventing Dream Enclosures
can i order tarantulas from the u.s?
a. genic... moulting?
Shy Hope
Immature male P. regalis
stretching long after molt?
T Toys!?!
Chilobrachys burmensis care
G. pulchra has become a man
help - GBB bad molt
Tarantulas: King of Spiders on Animal Planet
humidity overkill?
Avic Tarsus and Exo terra Tops
Curley Hair Habits?
my C elegans
What's the prized jewel in your collection???
lump/cyst on P. irminia?
Water Crystals
All Pets Pet Hospital
freshie pins smaller than drosophilia
P met Poll
Tarantula Venom Milking on WILD RECON
P. regalis housing info
a molt standing up??
do arboreals really have to be.... vertical?
Virgin Cork Bark
mystery mites
a poll and quiz
Tarantulas and earth quakes
which tarantulas hate crinkling envelopes?
Humidifier or Vaporizer opinions-
uh oh, I think I've had my first death
The King
pre-molt, preggers or just plain fat?
B. vagans turned brown
New Arrival
Petition! - Please take 2 minutes to help our hobby!
my female OBT escaped her box...
new Ts
seeking large females...
Poecilotheria molt clues?
another shipping tragedy
i dont know what to get
rehousing a Lampropelma violaceopes?
my pulchra is suddenly a bastard
How long have you been keeping inverts?
Tarantula 911
are there clues to old world pre-molt?
My new Baby!
Oh Bonobo... here's some dwarfs
Aphonopelma huntin?
dubia feeding problems?
Another Amazing Detail
Selenocosmia ID..Himalayan?
Spruce wood... toxic or no?
A. genic webbing and airflow concerns
A. Avic Concern
fairest of them all . . . ?
my little runaway
First molt!!!
sling trouble
chaco substrate: bone dry?
A question for the masses...?
rampant Singapore Blue confusion
Habitat Help???
does anyone use isopods?
The Tendrils of Temptation
help! emergency... DOA?
pseud vs pseud
what is my freaky G. rosea up to?
ALERT: anyone in Moraga expecting tarantulas today??
is my plattyoma too fat?
chaco question
who donated the g.rosea slings at the last meeting???
P. irminia lost leg
mama, don't let your tarantulas grow up to be pet holes
Rescue 911
does anyone know...
P. rufilata Stridulate.
substrate layer concept
Aphonopelma eating habits?
Help Change Shipping!
bugs in cyber space?
right place, right time!
L. parahybana questions
Tarantual sighting
RCF... please, explain
While we're on the topic of escapees...
rushed molts?
Could I have possibly forgotten...
more confusing instructions... B. albopilosum
arboreal enclosure suggestion?
Advice needed :)
Grows slower... eats more?
New Program
all points bulletin: N. chromatus on the loose
P. pulcher and E. cyanognathus
A warning against split enclosures
greenbottle continues to puzzle me
demented P. murinus playtime
Tree Fern Panels
the empress' new clothes
Do all Male T's have tibial hooks ?
Looks like im getting another today!
decapitating a too-large cricket?
Chaco Golden stripe
I wanted to share this post with you.
G.Rosea gray phase?
Question about Kritter Keepers
Spiders in the House
B. Smithi wandering
major concern with GBB - anything I can do?
standing room only
A. sp "New River"
tarantulas and behavioral "learning"
tarantulas like ping-pong balls?!??
Do you guys leave your T's home alone when out of town?
is my greenbottle blue preggers..?
Are they trying to tell me something?
It's a molt fest!
help! I hurt my friend
San Jose show
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