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California Bug Club - Inaugural Meeting - January 12!
16th Annual Petaluma Reptile Expo!
San Jose Herp World Expo
Central Coast Herp Society
DR. SEAN BUSH star of VENOM ER -- JUNE 6 in Tracy
I'll Make You Famous* - Bug Show Cohost Needed
Event in San Jose?
America’s Family Pet Expo. Orange county fair grounds. Calif
Sacramento Reptile Show
INSECTA-PALOOZA! Sonoma State University - October 29, 2011
Bug Expo
Largest Fossil Spider Found in Volcanic Ash
Central Valley Herpetological Society - MEETING - April 9th
Short notice but...
NBHS Holiday Potluck & Officer nominations
Ugly's interview with the Exploratorium science writer
Tolay Fall Festival
Halloween at the Exploratorium
14th Annual NBHS Reptile Bazaar October 23rd!!!
CRIS Meeting Sat. October 9th - Lodi, Ca
ADVENTURE! ADVENTURE! who wants to come?
T Fest
Sacramento Reptile Show 2010
Bay Area Carnivorous Plan Society Show & Sale (((PHOTOS)
GBU Enterprises - New Retail Shop: Review
American Frog Day -- Fremont, Ca
NBHS May meeting - Guest Speaker Julie Bergman on GECKOS!
REPTILE RESCUE WEEKEND! -- Join us and support CA rescues!
North Bay Herpetological Society April Meeting! HOGNOSES!
Photos from Herp World Expo: San Mateo
ATS Conference
West Park DayCare
Arizona Trip is coming up!
BUGFEST--April 10, 2010-- Stockton, Ca
CRIS Meeting: Reptile & Bug Appreciation Day!
HERPERS: The Movie--Special Screening-- Sacramento, Ca
NBHS Ratsnake Presentation
HERP WORLD EXPO: San Mateo, Ca--April 10-11 ((VOLUNTEERS!))
march 27 BBQ at GBU ENTERPRISES reptiles and inverts
January! NBHS meeting (TUESDAY, 26th!)
Insect Fest 2010 - Lodi CA
Native Reptiles & Amphibian Display: PHOTOS!
Fighting the Python Ban @ East Bay Vivarium
T's in the news today.
CRIS Meeting! February 20, 2010
NBHS Xmas potluck at Al Wolf's
LA Bug Fair --May 15-16, 2010
Lodi Serpentarium
Photos from Tolay Fall Festival
Cal Poly Insect Fair--Ponoma, Ca
L.A. Natural History Museum Spider Pavillion
Coarsegold's 11th Annual Tarantula Awareness Festival
The Bone Room Presents, "Sabertooth Spiders"
Halloween Day at the Exploratorium
Going to Daytona!
8/22-SCABIES August BBBQ
NARBC Sept 5-6 Anaheim, Ca
Herping/Blacklighting Trip This Weekend July 18-19
13th Annual NBHS Reptile Bazaar - October 31st 2009
is anyone going on the 26th?
Halloween at the Exploratorium
A Day At Ken the Bug Guys'
Serpentarium's Grand Opening!
Edgar and John Go To The Serpentarium
Edgar & John's Bug Assembly @ West Park Elementary
May NBHS meeting: Lemur!
SpiderQueen comes to Napa!
Laurie's Visit to the Teddy Bear Class
North and South meeting/show?
Edgar's Weekend with the Caseys (((MONSTER POST)))
"Wings In the Night" A Celebration of Sonoma Bats
April NBHS meeting: Alligators!!
Blacklighting Night
Jack Hanna in Napa
San Francisco Reptile Show!
True Adventures of the Ultimate Spider-Hunter
March NBHS meeting
30 ft Croc found in Philippines
Spider files: tarantulas animal planet show
San Jose Reptile Show
This weekend...
February NBHS meeting
LA Bugfair
California Academy of Sciences Trip CANCELLED
2009 ATS Conference
Pomona Reptile show Pictures.
Party Jan 3rd After reptile show
New Dinner Plate-sized Spider species found in Mekong
Urticating Hair in eye
Spider Missing Aboard International Space Station
December NBHS Meeting
NBHS meeting
My friend said this is something I'd do....
Reptile Super Show in LA
Bay Area Bug Eating Society???
Spider Caught Eating Bird in Backyard
Tolay Fall Festival - BUGS & T's!!
The Devil's Mountain
Grand Opening of the New California Academy of Sciences
Live Science: 'Ant From Mars' New Species
Buggin adventures
NARBC **Video**
NARBC Anaheim Invert Vendors **VIDEO**
Los Vaqueros Tarantula Run
BBC News: Tarantula Found in Grapes
Coarsegold Tarantula Festival
anahiem sept 6
Petaluma Twelfth Annual Reptile Bazaar
Sacramento Reptile Show
NARBC show Anaheim
July 12, 2008 BBQ in the Abyss (Los Angeles, CA)
Tarantulakings meeting
22nd Annual Bug Fair
SCABIES Bar-Bug-Q May 3
32nd Annual American Arachnological Society Meeting 2008
Southern and Mid California Hunts! Sat & Sun Mar 29 &
Tiny Mygalomorphae (USA Natives)
NoCA Invert Links
CA Reptile/bug shows
ATS Conference 2008
S.C.A.B.I.E.S. Conference
A very cool time on Mt. Diablo
San Jose Reptile Show
T hunting areas
Sacramento Upscale reptile show Sept 29 & 30
SFBATS/SCABIES 2008 CA Camping Trip!?
Mt Diablo Hike!! Sept 30 & Oct 6 both @ 3pm
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