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Breeding Info & Reports
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Euathlus pulcherimaklassi shock and awe
Brachy Albopilosum
B. emelia breeding demo at Summer Bash?
Opened up my first Egg sac !!!
Rose Hairs
Haplopelma albostriatum
In-Hand Breeding: Avicularia versicolor
My 1st breeding project....
A versicolor
P cambridgei
calisoga longitarsus
A. Avic Breeding
P. irminia
B vagans mating vid
Love is in the Air - Pamphobeteus platyomma breeding project
OBT breeding attempt
Haplopelma lividum project
Avicularia urticans Peru
Salmon pink eggs
rcf rosie pairing
Pamphobeteus sp Ecuador purple Mating attemp
Love is in the Air, more T breeding
i now have a MM rcf rosie and 2 lovely girls
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
Curlyhair Eggsac
THE BABIES ARE HERE!!!!OBT Surprise! Woohoo!!!!!
Breeding projects
E. campestratus
H maculata
Egg sac- now what do we do?
Breeding OBTs
P. cancerides breeding atempt
A. Versicolor mating
p.irminia eggsac...
L. parahybana laying eggs!
Dahmer went to visit Tiki-Tiki *whistle whistle*
First attempted pairing with L. Parahybana
Breeding question
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